Diving Hardware Projects

Open source Diving Hardware Projects

1. The Idea

Diving Hardware is a project born to develop new divng hardwares in an open source contest.

I like electronic, especially electronic diving gadgets, but more than this I like to know how things work.

No where, in diving contexts, I found pepole glad to share information about how their stuffs work, and when my life depend on that stuffs the thing become inaccetable.

The ida behind an Open Source Diving Hardware Project si to develop the "ultimate" hardware stuff, using every ones solutions to solve problems.

2. How does it work


You can browse the projects , and dowload files to build your own prototype at home for free, but, more important please feel free to post your comment to improve the projects

If you want to publish your own project, e-mail me, so I can send you an account to manage your project.

3. Why in english?

Very simple, the world is big and Italy so small...

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